Efficient CCM system

Efficient CCM System

According to the product outline of customer, aim at producing high quality casting and reducing the defects, MACQUARIE adopted a series of technical measures for increasing production, high quality, improving the environment, reducing the labor intensity, convenient management, etc.


Ladle Metallurgy and Automatic Control System

  • Lable metallurgy for removing slag
  • Slag composition control
  • Ladle temperature control
  • Covering mechanism of ladle
  • Ladle weighing system
  • Ladle slag detection system
  • Quick opening and closing of ladle nozzle
  • Ladle shroud protective casting sealed in Ar
  • Ladle shroud manipulator
  • Hydraulic elevator for ladle




Tundish Metallurgy and Automatic Control System

  • Large capacity tundish and cover
  • Tundish flow field optimization
  • Tundish continuous temperature measurement
  • Stopper rod automatic control
  • Tundish heating
  • Tundish casting powder
  • Tundish weighing system
  • Quick nozzle change
  • Tundish submersed nozzle protective casting sealed in Ar
  • Hydraulic lifting and moving for tundish                                          




Mould and Quality Control

  • Mould taper optimization design
  • Mould cooling water seam optimization design
  • Mould electromagnetic stirring (integral/ external)
  • Mould electromagnetic braking
  • Automatic mould powder feeder
  • Mould level automatic control system
  • Mould non-sine oscillation system (electronic/ hydraulic)
  • Mould vibration detection
  • Mould breakout prevention system
  • Slab mould online width-modulated and taper adjustment



Secondary Cooling Section, Withdrawal and straightening machine/ Segment (Internal Quality Control of Casting Slab

  • Continuous bending and straightening (strain control)
  • Reasonable roller layout (prevent bulging)
  • Spray secondary cooling
  • Automatic/ Dynamic secondary cooling
  • Strand/ Final electromagnetic stirring
  • Dynamic soft reduction
  • Shell thickness measurement
  • Surface quality detection of casting slab



Production Control System

  • Production Control System
  • Basic level control system
  • Secondary control system
  • Furnace information tracking
  • Casting condition tracking
  • Casting speed optimization
  • Automatic cut length control
  • Cutting length optimization
  • Casting slab on-line weighing
  • Automatic spraying/ marking system