Blast Furnace System

Blast Furnace System

Design, supply, construction and service range

230m3, 450m3, 600m3, 800m3, 1080m3, 1560m3, 1800m3, 2000m3

The system composing of blast furnace ironmaking process:

The raw material system, feeding system, furnace roof system, furnace proper system, gas and coal gas cleaning system, tuyere platform and casting house system, slag disposal system, hot blast furnace system, pulverized coal preparation and injection system, auxiliary system (pig machine room, hot-metal bottle repairing room, mud milling shop)

Key Index

  • Using the design concept of high efficiency, low consumption, long life and design system;
  • To control the reasonable amount bosh gas index as the core process theory system;
  • Using intelligent production management system, blast furnace simulation, big data analysis methods, provide customers with the best service to the intelligent lifting technology.