LF Furnace

LF furnace type

40t/F, 60t/F, 80t/F, 100t/F, 120t/F, 150t/F

Key Index

  • The LF is applied to the arc furnace steel making plant to reduce the arc furnace reduction time, finally cancel the arc furnace reduction period, shorten the smelting period of arc furnace, improve the productivity of arc furnace and provide molten steel with required temperature, element and cleanness within certain period, thereby guaranteeing smooth arc furnace + LF refining +continuous casting technique, so the arc furnace is developed as the efficient short-flow steel making way capable of producing common steel by using waste steel, but not the equipment producing high-quality steel.
  • The LF is used for converter flow to product the special steel, eliminate the steelmaking method to distinguish the steel quality and determine the “primary smelting (electric furnace or converter) + LF refining + continuous casting” idea of producing multi-type and high-quality steel.