Converter Auto-Control System

Converter Auto-Control System

Product Introduction

  •  Basic control level.It mainly includes oxygen gun, auxiliary gun, auxiliary raw materials, high stock bin, top blowing, bottom blowing, gas recovery, waste heat boiler, etc., to be detected and controlled, and it seems to be centralized monitoring and operation.
  • Process control level.It mainly includes the model calculation, data management, process data collection and report generation of slag, oxygen supply, terminal control and afterburner.
  • Production management level.On steel production scheduling, coordination of hot metal mixer or after processing, scrap steel, alloy stand, furnace blowing argon station, converter, ladle, refining, continuous casting or ingot casting process, and is responsible for the steel plant plan production scheduling, material change, monitor production status and quality judgment, and other functions.

Converter Control Model

  • Molten iron and scrap steel loading model.
  • Assistant raw material residue model.
  • Alloy feeding model.
  • Bottom blow supply model.
  • Static endpoint control model.
  • Dynamic endpoint control model.
  • The decarbonization speed and the steel water heating model in the later stage.
  • Converter expert control system.

Core Technology

  • Automatic control device and system of converter:
  • Complete set of technology for converter automation system.
  • Converter instrument control system.
  • Automatic control system for oxygen lance and auxiliary gun.
  • Raw material weighing and automatic control system.
  • Bottom blow control system.
  • High position warehouse control system.
  • Alloy automatic control system.
  • Energy management computer system of steel mill.
  • Computer aided dispatch system of steel mill.
  • Converter expert system.