CCM Advanced Technology

Efficient CCM system
CCM Advanced Technology

Continuous casting as the leading product of bohai metallurgical group, has a series of fully validated in production practice of continuous casting technology, know-how and patents, covering the billet, round billet, rectangular billet, profiled billet, slab continuous casting and other kinds of casting section of continuous casting machine. At the same time, based on each customer’s requirements and conditions are different, our technology includes single point straightening, multipoint straightening the arc, arc, low head shape and vertical continuous casting machine, can satisfy different customer’s requirements.

Until 2018, 1779 continuous casting machine production lines of all blank types are designed and put into production as main business of the company, the development and completeness of continuous casting project is engaged in the following running modes:

  • One-stop best model from design, manufacture, supporting, installation, commissioning and after-sale service.
  • Improve the casting billet inside quality and surface quality; improve the operation rate; improve the technical training and service of reliable production and enhance the management.
  • Use systematic integrated latest mature technology and keep improving.
  • Select the best plant of standard parts andspecialize the production to completely guarantee the technology, quality, progress and service and keep reasonable price.
  • The installation, commissioning, standardization and after-sale service is provided by the professional team.
  • Good cooperation with users.