Steel Making System

Converter System
Electric Arc Furnace
Steel Making System

MQ provides one-stop production line service for domestic and foreign steel enterprises in the design, production, supporting, installation, commissioning and after-sales of molten steel smelting engineering, ferroalloy engineering, LF, RH, VD/VOD, etc. By comprehensively mastering the technology, equipment, control, model, information and other core equipment and technologies in the field of steelmaking, we will build green, intelligent, efficient, low-cost and high-quality steel mills for iron and steel enterprises.


  • Take "mature, reliable, advanced, practical, safe and environmental protection" as the principle;
  • Pay attention to energy conservation, reduce consumption, adhere to the concept of circular economy. The design adopts energy-saving technology to reduce power consumption.
  • On the premise of satisfying the process production and equipment maintenance, optimize the process flow, simplify the equipment configuration, and save the engineering investment.