Metallurgical Automation System Engineering

CCM Auto-Control System
Rolling Auto-Control System
Blast Furnace Auto-Control System
Converter Auto-Control System
Metallurgical Automation System engineering

The purpose of industrial automation is to control various parameters in industrial production and realize various process control. In the whole industrial production, the operation of human resources is minimized, so that the industry can carry out automatic production. Automatic control systems (automatic control systems) is the main means to realize automation, which mainly consists of four parts: controller, controlled object, executive mechanism and transmitter.

Product Introduction

Macquarie automatic control system is applied to traditional industrial technology transformation, factory automation, enterprise information and other aspects. There are corresponding control systems for all kinds of physical quantities encountered in the production process of metallurgy, chemical industry and machinery manufacturing, including temperature, flow, pressure, thickness, tension, speed, position, frequency and phase. On the basis of this, a digital control system with better control performance and higher degree of automation is also established by using digital computer, as well as a process control system with dual functions of control and management. Macquarie automatic control system is developing towards intelligence, network and integration.

Macquarie's automation control system solutions in the steel and metallurgical industry include:

  • Continuous casting automation control system
  • Automatic rolling control system
  • Blast furnace automation control system
  • Converter automation control system